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Celebration Blast!

I feel very flattered to have been asked to make a birthday card and specializing it to their needs of what they wanted in a birthday card.  So, of course, I had to take on the challenge and hopefully make someone's day for their Dad's special day to celebrate 80 wonderful years young, as well as putting a smile on Dad's face when seeing his specialized one-of-a-kind card.
I felt slightly challenged with trying to put together a masculine card.  I also felt a bit challenged with what was I going to do without having the photo that she wanted to include in card.  So I decided to make a frame for photo and enclose instructions and several glue dots for her to add the photo to frame and then attach it in card.
Here is my creations that I am mailing out and hope this meets the requirements that the order specified.  Can I complete the challenge with flying colors?  I guess I will have to wait till its received and reviewed.  Hope y'all like it too....Thanks for stopping in…

Birthday celebrations

I have been having a crazy schedule and not finding much spare time for card making. I knew there was a special birthday coming up in which I wanted to make sure I had a card for.  But all of a sudden, the day is upon me and I still haven't start it.  The pressures of last minute make me go crazy and I find myself very unproductive and non-creative.  I surprised myself with what I put together considering I could not find much creativity sparks in me today.  I had my heart set on using the Yumi & Fumi Handmade stamps, and then found some papers I liked in my stash with some green in it.  When I think of March, I automatically think green.  Of course a girl's birthday must have some pink in it regardless of who or what pink it is.  LOL.  Yumi and Fumi stamps are colored up with colored pencils, and added a couple of stickers within my stash ....and  Ta Dah......So, here is my creation......Hope you like it......