Birthday Greetings

A quick post of a birthday card I needed to send out at last minute so it would not be considered late belated greeting.  I was paging through some of paper pad I have been hoarding and thought that some of the decorative pages would make a great birthday card.  So just wanted to post this simple bright and cheery birthday card.  I apologize for not taking a picture of inside of the card.

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Boy Or Girl?

Hello!  Today I am sharing the beginning of my obsessiveness for the box card.  Baby shower card without revealing of baby gender.... so, Boy or Girl is the question of the day.  The farm theme that I used for this card may have some people scratching their heads wondering why would I use the theme I did.  Well, the reasoning behind the theme of barnyard pals.....  I grew up in a farming community throughout my childhood years.  A good share of my family and relatives still live within the surrounding areas.  One of my cousins who's expecting her first baby, chose not to know gender of their baby when ultrasound was done.
     It wasn't long and it's baby shower time.  After giving a baby shower card some serious thoughts, I started tearing through my craft stash.  I was still not feeling inspired.  So I then decided to take a walk through at the nearby craft stores.  I found myself browsing the stickers isle.  The barnyard cuties caught my eye and brought a smile to…

Fishing Time

Masculine cards are sometimes challenging for me.  But I must say that I am so happy I bought this layered dies set that gives more than one option to decorate a card.  This set has several boat views and several people and fishing rods as well as the layers to use in different combinations.  Gotta love it!  The fishing layered die set is from Scrapbooking Made Simple.  

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Loving Layered Hearts

I had to finally break down and purchase a Birch Press layered die set I cannot stop thinking about.  Well, I must confess how much I love and dream about so many of the Birch Press products.    I love it and it was well worth the wait and learning a very important lesson about using caution and to pay very close attention when possibly shopping on eBay verses from the original company website or well established merchandise stores.      I want to warn everyone of an experience I had with attempting to purchase my first Birch Press die set.  I was surfing eBay and happened to find a reduced price Birch Press die set, so I went ahead and purchased it.  When package came to house, I noticed the package was stamped with several stamps as if this was an overseas shipping and an overseas store logo, but yet I thought I was purchasing from someone in USA.  That was my first clue to this being a fraud case.  I opened up the package and noticed the envelopes the dies were in were not or…

AG Box Card and Flip Florals

The cards that I am posting today are from Anna Griffin card sets.  Earlier this year I was hospitalized and channel surfed upon HSN's Craft Day.  Lucky me, huh?  Well, it just so happened I had nothing else to do but lay in hospital bed and watch TV all day.  Being laid up could have been a dangerous shopping spree, but as sick as I was feeling, I only purchased several items.  I was hoping the purchase was going to make me feel better. That's my story and I am sticking to it.  Good excuse for shopping, right?       When boxes of Anna Griffin's card sets came to house, I was still recouping from my recent illness and I had the chance to occasionally play with my new purchases.  It was awesome to have a box filled with supplies and items already cut and ready to assemble.  Note to self..... make sure I have a box or two on hand in case I am sick again.  The pictures taken of the cards were taken shortly after I had assembled them, so the final touches were not yet don…

Love Wedding Fans

In the previous post I mentioned the second order for the decorative wedding fans.  The original order was to be identical to previous design posted, however, the client came back and requested something more beach related.  After running several designs past the client, we quickly came up with a design.  It would be my first attempt to personalize with couple's names and date.  It may not be as perfect as I would have liked it to be but it is what it is.  Making the Bride, Groom and parents happy is all that matters.  Once I got final approval on all changes, I was off and running to complete the order.  I was told that the wedding fans were a hit at their wedding.

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Mid Summer Wedding Accessory

While digging in photos for previous post, I ran across photo of a wedding project for a mid summer beach wedding.  Hot weather and decorative hand fan make a perfect match, right?
It was perfect timing of finding the amazing die of the couple right before taking on this wedding fan project.  I kept it fairly simple and used the couple die for both sides and then had the Love sentiment on one side and the I Do heart for the other side..  The decorative fans were a true hit at the wedding.  Everyone was talking about them.  And the best man of the wedding party loved them so much that he put in an order for his daughter's beach wedding.  How awesome and exciting was that!?!

Couple die is from Scrapbooking Made Simple.
Love and the I Do heart dies are from David Tutera's Cupcake Wrapper and Toppers die set.

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