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Today's card project was done while I was putting together my card project that I have posted on June 26th, 2014.  KK wanted to use the same theme and color up same stamps as I was using which are the Anya Mermaid from the TGF Company and the sea friends are from Stamp It Up.  So here is her card she created for an upcoming birthday.
I am so proud of her work considering she is not quite 5 years old yet.  I can't wait to see how well she will do in another couple of years!  Look out, she may even be a better crafter than Grandma. LOL. 

On Friday, May 9th, 2014, I picked up KK from school and we came home to work on a Mommy's Day present for her Mommy.  From the minute we walked in the door from school till the moment Mommy come walking in the door to pick her up, we were extremely busy working on this Mother's Day project.  KK started by coloring in some stamped little girl stamps she had selected for this project.  I, worked on gathering up some flowers we had used as wedding center pieces used not too long ago which has sentimental value to us.  When KK finished up coloring her girls with colored pencils, I then cut out her girls and I begin to use Mod Podge to put the girls onto the colored flower pot we had from our last year's project of coloring clay pots.  Once I was done Mod Podging all three little girls onto the clay pot, KK started placing her rhinestone embellishments all over the pot to make her creation a true KK artful touch. While she was placing the rhinestones down on the clay pot, I worked on getting the flowers arranged into a nice shape to add on top of the clay pot materpiece KK created.  Below is several pictures I took of her and her finished product before Mommy walked in the door.
This Mother's Day clay pot project was done by using a purple paint ( little bottle from WalMart, and I'm thinking it might have been acrylic paint since it was a fast drying paint we used last year when we colored up some pots.  KK colored three little stamped girls all with colored pencils and in the same order as they appear in this blog posting....1st girl is the Super Secret Stamp Club Series -  005 named Beauty from The Greeting Farm (TGF); 2nd girl stamp is Rose Faerie Marci from La La Land Crafts; and the 3rd girl stamp pictured is the Double Cupcake Anya, a TGF Exclusive,  from The Greeting Farm (TGF).  The different colored rhinestones are ones we bought at Michael's Store.  And like I stated earlier in the post, the artificial flowers were ones we had used in wedding center pieces which I just felt a need to reuse in this more than perfect lil project and had alot of meaning to the Mommy receiving them.  All done with nothing but love of having quality time spent between Grandma and Granddaughter, enjoyment of spending time together doing something that is loved by us and the love of watching the excitement in KK's face while putting it together and then watching the excitement and joy of giving this beautiful project to her Mommy.  I am very proud of all her hard work and the beautiful project she made and with only a little help from her Gma.  :)

Today is a cold and icy day, and school is out.  KK (My Granddaughter's nickname) has been hard working on getting some last minute valentine cards done for family and friends.  She certainly has done more than I have for this year's Valentine season.  Yikes!  Guess that makes me look like a real slacker with my spare time, huh?  LOL.
Drum roll please....   DDRRRRRRRR RAT A TAT TAT TAT TAT
I wanted to debut and share some of her creations online since I am very proud of my 4 year old Granddaughter and her artsy abilities.  She loves to craft!!!  Craft on!!!


Daimar Sanchez said…
Muy lindos todos sus trabajos felicitaciones
karalschuknecht said…
This is Karal & Thianna looking to see your great projects. We think you have done an awesome job. We love the flower pots.

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