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Wedding Bliss

Cold weather for this weekend, leaving me with indoor activities. No arguments from me..... it only took a fraction of a second for me to decide it was Crafting Time.  Yes, Yippy, Yahoo!  As I started looking through my stash, I realized I have very slim pickings in the wedding theme department.....Yikes!  I guess it's a great excuse for shopping, right?  Lol.
 Note to self to stock up on wedding stuff later.... no time to do it now.  Another note to self is to expand on more Die Cuts instead of having to rely on cookie cutters .  Lol.
One tight deadline.  First attempt at making a wedding card.  Two weddings.  Two cards needed ASAP.  And the worst part is I am clueless on wedding colors.  So to keep this short and sweet, here are the two cards I whipped up for the two wedding occasions.

and then the second wedding card is:
Both cards have a shimmery white pearl type paper used on backgrounds and on inside the cards.  Other colored shimmery paper as well as solid white and black …