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Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the men.  What a hot and humid day for all those hotties.   I hope everyone is having a great day!  It's in the high 90s again.  Sizzling steaks!  Who needs to fire up the grill when you can most likely cook them on the glass patio table because it's sizzling hot.  Yikes!
I gotta show you what my cat who's nickname is Travis ( short for Travis-A-Meow) is doing for his special day.  Doesn't he do a fabulous job of modeling his special favorite past time activity.  LOL.
On a more serious note.  My honey and myself, we are trying to make the best of it.... I only get to spend a half day with my honey before he gets back on the road in what we call his "rolling man cave"  ( his 18 wheeler).  I wanted to make sure he was leaving with a smile.... so....I had to make sure I made his card with a little humor.  I guess I accomplished my mission......  He got a good chuckle out of the sentiment I used on his card.  Actually the truth …

Royal Birthday Greetings

Another Saturday card making session with my Granddaughter KK.   We spent our day working on cards for the one year old baby's birthday party taking place later that day.  We were extremely excited to have gotten the TGF Ever After Stamp Kit ( a pre-ordered stamp set offered by TGF ) earlier in the week.  We had a blast stamping up the full set of royal princesses and princes.  Trying to decide which ones to start coloring was a slight challenge.  LOL.   Our day went by so quickly while we were crafting away on this Ever After Stamp Set.
     Here is KK's card she did for the birthday party she was going to later in the day......
     She colored in the snowy background with blue crayon, then colored in the TGF Holiday Anya 2 with glitter colored gel pens and some areas like the face with color pencil.  She used a blue glitter gel pen for the stamped snow flakes that come with the Holiday Anya stamp.  To put the finishing touches on her card, she decided to add sparkly h…

Christmas in June?

Can it ever be too early to start on Christmas cards?  Lol.   I can't help loving some my Christmas stamps and every now and then I find myself rummaging through the Christmas stuff.  Of course, I could not leave well enough alone and had to stamp and color me up a cutie from my Christmas stash, right??  Lol.  Hopefully this strong urge to go through my Christmas stuff this early in the year will make me look extremely organized and on top of things.  Hee hee hee with a wink.  Most of my family and friends will be rolling around and laughing hard and saying  Yeah Right/ Dream On!

     Red cardstock and design papers of background are from Recollections.  Sheer Christmas Ribbon with Snowflakes is toward middle of the layered design paper for an additional layer.  Stamp is La La Land Crafts' Christmas Elf Marci which has been colored with colored pencils and topped off with a bit of glitter glue for a slight bling effect.  Sentiment is also from La La Land Crafts.

End of May Celebrations

Month of May is a very busy month for a lot of people.  It's enough to make your head spin.  Yikes!  Somewhere in the month's busy scheduled activities, I had to find some much needed time for getting some cards made for the special celebrations happening on Memorial Weekend.... Wedding and two graduations.  Since the graduations were for two sons in same family, I kept it so both cards had same card design and layout.  On the front of the Graduation Cards I kept it simple with using the Darice Graduation Embossing Folder on light blue paper that coordinated with the design paper and blue card stock background/card.  I found some ribbon which had a Congrats Grad! Hats off!! sentiment on it which I put on top of another ribbon with same colors to set off the 1st ribbon as well as giving card another dimension to card.  The card was still lacking something something, so I added pearls since I did not have sequence or bling in blue color.  I tried to make it work.....not exa…

Middle of May Cards

Combination of cards needed for Mother's Day Weekend.  We were invited to a Birthday and Mother's Day Celebration Party of some friends down the street.  I have no cards in my stash, so I had no choice but to try to whip up multiple cards for the friends that would be attending the small gathering as well as one for the Birthday Boy of the day too.
     Well, when I went looking for the pictures to post for this entry,  I guess I forgot to take a pic of one of the Mother's day cards.  The card in which I cannot find photo for is a card using the retired Manhattan Floral Embossing Folder by Stampin' Up which I embossed on some shiny white paper and cut it out and then popped it onto a colored card and it was stamped with a Happy Mother's Day sentiment.  I was able to find the photos of the other cards needed for the day's festivities.
This card is made up of  the La La Land Crafts Sweet Friends Marci stamp colored with Spectrum Noir Markers, SpellBinder…

You are Tea-riffic!

First of May I needed to send out a card for someone to express what I thought of them on their birthday.   I was not feeling a normal kind of Birthday card, so I tried to think a little outside the box for this special birthday greeting.  When going through my sentiment stamp stash, the You're Tea-riffic stamp jumped out at me.  Perfect!  And of course, I immediately knew what the perfect stamp to match it up with than the TGF HG Classy.  Pure Perfection for a May Day Birthday Greeting!

Get Well Soon

KK and I had another day of day spent working on cards needed for an upcoming scheduled surgery a family member was having.  We wanted to make sure to bring a smile to her face while re-cooperating from surgery.  Again as mentioned in several past posts, KK pulled another one of her perdictable moves of where she decided that she needed to use one of Grandma's colored creations for her own cards.  So I am going to post both of our cards since I am a proud Grandma and very proud of the wonderful job KK did on her card.  Plus KK also requested that I post her card with mine.

She used colored pencils to color the La La Land Craft's - Quill Pen Marci stamp; and Spectrum Noir Markers were used to color the La La Land Craft's Sweet Friends Marci stamp.  She found some cool sticker embellishments to use on her card from one of Grandma's stash embellishment drawers.  And she also paged through design papers in another drawer till she found the paper she wanted to use on h…

Belated Valentines Post

This post is one of few "catch up" posts of cards made earlier this year.  Another day of crafting with my Granddaughter and creating cards for Valentine's Day.  We had a great time doing our all time favorite hobby together. Variations of these cards were done for this year's Valentine list of family and friends that I mailed out. I didn't want to bore everyone with all the different variations, so just a view of a chosen few..... 

     The Inside of the first card is one of the variations I used for several family members and stamped out several sentiments with spaces in between to add personal sentiments/thoughts to personalize it to the individual recipient.  And the other card inside was a more generic inside sentiment which I thought I would spare sharing since it was not something out of the ordinary.
     Stamp used on both cards is the Art Impression's  Show The Love stamp set along with the several sentiments of the set used on the inside view of c…

More Weddings

A quick entry to show yet another similar Wedding card to previous post.  The inside of this card is using the Wedding couple from The Greeting Farm (TGF) along with three sentiments combine into one sentiment and all embossed in black. 

Have a Pinky BDay!

Wow!  How time is flying by.  I don't know how I got so far behind in my postings.  Yikes!  I will spare any details of whys.....Thank goodness right?  Hee Hee Hee.
I have not been a total slacker.... I have had time for crafting and have made up some cards, it's the postings that I have neglected to do.  Lets see if I can make up for all lost time and post some cards that I have done for some special occasions in past six months.
     Of course, Birthday cards are always a must have in one's stash.  This particular one I can only take partial credit for coloring..... Funny story about it...  I started coloring to practice up on curly hair.  So while experiment coloring the curly hair on this TGF stamp, my Granddaughter looked over at me and asked if she could finish this one up.  It's not the first time she has taken some of my artwork.  How could I say no now?   I'm just happy to see that someone loves my artwork.  Lol.  She finished coloring in TGF Sasha fr…