Get Well Soon

     KK and I had another day of day spent working on cards needed for an upcoming scheduled surgery a family member was having.  We wanted to make sure to bring a smile to her face while re-cooperating from surgery.  Again as mentioned in several past posts, KK pulled another one of her perdictable moves of where she decided that she needed to use one of Grandma's colored creations for her own cards.  So I am going to post both of our cards since I am a proud Grandma and very proud of the wonderful job KK did on her card.  Plus KK also requested that I post her card with mine.

She used colored pencils to color the La La Land Craft's - Quill Pen Marci stamp; and Spectrum Noir Markers were used to color the La La Land Craft's Sweet Friends Marci stamp.  She found some cool sticker embellishments to use on her card from one of Grandma's stash embellishment drawers.  And she also paged through design papers in another drawer till she found the paper she wanted to use on her card.  She did a great job, right?  For 5 I think she is doing a great job and it won't be long and she will be passing me up on fabulous lookin cards.
     And then there is my card which is slightly boring compared to KK's. 
 And then when we were staying in a hotel near the hospital I also felt a need to give a card to show our appreciation of the Housekeeper taking such great care of us during the surgery hospital stay we had.  Since this card is related to the other cards of this post, I thought I would put it all together into same post. 
Since I did not have my individual letter stamps with me, I was unable to stamp out the name to personalize the card.  Being on the road away from my craft supplies, I had to make a rather simple card with supplies found in a near by craft store near our hotel.  It's amazing what a floral design punch, template for scallop edging, and some shiny sticker letters can do on design papers huh? 


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