Banner Time

     I stepped out of my box and tried something besides just making cards.  I thought I would try to make a banner for a birthday party I would be going to and to surprise the guest of honor with it.  I know she loves The Greeting Farm Cheeky Beach girl as much as I do.  Love TGF!  I took and colored the Cheeky Beach girl three times in different colors.  The banner letters were stencils that I traced and hand cut out.  Yep you heard it correctly....all were hand cut and then glued onto another layer and hand cut again.  Once the letters were layered to give a shadow affect, they were popped up onto the die cut banner piece.  The flowers were sticker embellishments I had gotten from the Dollar Tree Store.  The background banner pieces were from the decorative pack of DP that were all shiny patterns, but I am not sure the name of the company the pack is from.  If I was to guess at it, I would guess it was a Recollection pack of DPs.  The die cut used for banner is from what I do believe is the Postage Dies Set from SpellBinders.  And then once all was assembled, I strung a sting through some of the holes of the edge design to complete the banner.
I hope you like and enjoy.  Thanks so much for stopping in to view my latest creation.
Oh yeah and forgot to mention, please don't mind the mess I had while trying to lay it out before stringing it all together. 
And drum roll please.......ddrrrrrrrrrruummmmm.
Here is the finished project.
And sorry if it appears rather blurry.  I still have a lot of practicing in my photography skills.


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