Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Let it be 3

     While having a conversation with a family member, we were talking about shopping for or making cards and the importance of those special cards can be when sending or receiving it for that special someone.  Somewhere within that chat we were talking about an upcoming birthday for their Grandchild who was turning 3 years old.  Of course, like most children and their love for Disney's Frozen, this birthday was going to be a Frozen themed party.  Imagine  Several days after this chat we had, I happen to be surfing around online and came across some absolutely adorable Digis of Elsa and Anna from Sassy Studio Designs.  These digis were a must for my crafting library stash!  It's strange how when I see certain stamps/digis I can immediately visualize out a card layout.  Bam!  I had one and I couldn't wait to find the spare time to put it together.
     Of course, I am my worst critic and I am not totally happy with its results, but I took the gamble with several different things on card.... one of them being trying to get a melting effect on saying by making it slope downward.  Not totally happy with it, but......  If I make another one similar to this one, I will have to tweak it a bit to make it more dramatic.  Heaven sakes I don't want to be wasteful and throw something out.  Lol.   I am sure there is one or two more things I would change as well....but for now I will share with you the first hard copy of it:

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